Cryptocurrency and asset support


cryptoassets.core supports different cryptocurrencies. We use SQLAlchemy to generate a set of database tables and model classes for each coin. Then this coin can be send and received using a backend which takes care of communicating with the underlying cryptocurrency network.

See how to add support for more cryptocurrencies.


Supported backends:

  • bitcoind

More info about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin database implementation.

All amounts are stored in satoshis in integer fields.

Modify BitcoinTransaction.confirmation_count global to set the threshold when transcations are considered confirmed.


More info about Dogecoin.

Supported backends:

  • dogecoind (bitcoind-like)

Dogecoin database support.


More info about AppleByte.

Supported backends:

  • applebyted (bitcoind-like)

AppleByte database support.